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First track on side 2 of the vinyl release, Copyright 1973, by the So-Called Fake-Country All-Stars.

As with most other All-Stars songs this was dreamed up and written while cutting grass and painting.

This will be the only digital track released from this album. See the merch page to order the complete 4 song super-exclusive limited-edition vinyl EP.


Lyrics and chords

If you think I'm an asshole
G (Gb E) D
if you treat me like an old one-eyed dog
if you think i'm no better,
G (Gb E) D
than the things that live under a log

if you want to ignore me
like you'd ignore a telemarketer's call

G Em
It makes no difference
G Em
i'm still gonna love you
G A7 D
It makes no difference at all

If you shatter my confidence
If you embarrass me just cause you can
If you tell everybody
What a horrible lover I am

If you say size don’t matter
then tell me that I’m still too small

It makes no difference
I’m still gonna love you
It makes no difference at all

Bridge (G, D, G, A, A7)

It makes no sense
But what does that matter
For what good is sense
If it denies you your dreams?

If you turn me into the IRS
For the taxes that I didn’t pay
If they come to my house,
Arrest me, and haul me away

If you are responsible
for my ul-ti-mate downfall
It makes a difference
I’m still gonna love you
It don’t make a difference at all


released August 21, 2014
Song written and performed by the So-Called Fake Country All-Stars, produced by Scott Hunt, Cecelia Johnson played violins



all rights reserved


The So-Called Fake Country All-Stars Ohio

Born of an obsession with Robert Altman’s classic film Nashville, Mary Kay Place’s Loretta Haggers character on the television program Mary Hartman and Ween’s “country” album, 12 Golden Country Greats, the So-Called Fake Country All-Stars are the leading lights of the burgeoning sub-genre of country music, Fake Country. ... more

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